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AECS - QuidkPrep


Quattro CCC & CPC units: 140 to 2000mls, price range £16,500 to £55,000

Scaling-Up your application?
Scale-up to multiple tonnes per annum possible.

If your CCC or CPC budget below UK POUNDS:

100,000 Consider PilotPrep, Non-Atex 2 to 4.5 Litre, CCC, or CPC (Ti or S/S rotor)
140,000 Consider multiple PilotPreps, Non-Atex 2 to 4.5 Litre, CCC or CPC
Or consider Atex rated ProcessPrep 6+ Litre CPC (Ti or S/S rotor)
300,000 Consider multiple PilotPreps, Non-Atex 2 to 4.5 L, CCC or CPC Or consider multiple Atex rated ProcessPreps 6+ Litre CPC


500,000 Consider 25 Litre Partitron CPC
1,000,000 Consider 2 x 25 Litre Partitron CPC
1,500,000+ Consider custom made Partitron CPC to your maximum volume

The above pricing for scale-up, could include customised Ancillary Instrumentation to match your needs and budget. We have considerable specification flexibility, and always match our quotes to give you the best value, to as closely match your needs as possible, for your budget.

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AECS-QuikPrep & Couturier are undoubtedly the World Leaders in Counter-Current, Centrifugal Partition, Liquid-Liquid, Ionic Liquid Chromatography / Extraction.

We manufacture both Hydrodynamic CCC (Planetary CCC, HSCCC, HPCCC, HPL-LC™) and Hydrostatic CCC (Droplet Centrifugal Partition Chromatography, CPC, HPCPC) at scales from 30 ml to 100+ litres. We have units in both research laboratories and process manufacture units throughout the World. We collaborate with Research Institutes / Universities, for both standard solvents and IONIC LIQUID BIPHASIC CCC/CPC EXTRACTION & CHROMATOGRAPHY RESEARCH PROGRAMMES.

We can carry out both Contract Preparation and Method Development / Feasibility Studies. Why not contact us to discuss your Laboratory and / or Process needs? Feasibility Studies from £2000/week.

We can custom build both CCC & CPC unit’s specific for your requirements because of our unique modular construction. Options of different CCC bore or CPC cell / chamber sizes, different volumes on the same instrument. We can custom design to accommodate your specific needs, within your budget. Other competitors cannot match our design and build flexibility. Just ask them and us to custom build to your specific needs and budget. We will custom build to match your requirements. It is most likely our competitors will not custom build, and will instead try to sell an existing model that does not exactly match your needs or budget.

Totally committed to helping our countercurrent / Ionic Liquids, Liquid CO2, SFE, SFC, chromatography / extraction clients understand and benefit from HPCCC / HPCPC / HPL-LC™.
Together AECS-QuikPrep (UK) and Couturier (France) bring you CCC / CPC preparative chromatography / extraction products at scales from micro-gram to process scale.
Save ~90% process chromatography/extraction, solvent/column costs
• Ideal HPLC-MS pre-prep; no column induced degradation or adsorption
• Uniquely allows infinitely polar to infinitely non-polar prep in one run
Contract preparative & extraction services available
Easily scale-up from micro-gram to your tonne plus process scale
• Orthogonal selectivity options compared to HPLC / Flash / SFC
No solubility problems; massive range of solvents available
• IL / SFC / SFC-MS / MS / MS-MS / HPLC / HPLC-MS compatible
High mass loading (typically 5 to 40 g per 1000ml capacity)
Inject up to 10+ % coil volume without excessive band spreading
• High pressure (1000psi+) + high “G” (80-150)(250)(350+) options
• Only manufacturers of both hydrodynamic & hydrostatic CCC
New MULTI-COIL, 2D & 3D DUAL-FLOW CCC/CPC extraction options,

NEW; Click for why you should choose our HPCPC / HPCCC rather than competitors' units
Click to read description of action of HPL-LC™

Quattro HPL-LC™ / HTPrep™ Video
(2 bobbins, 4 coils / 3 coil id’s). Door safety mechanism disabled for this demonstration video. Set spin speeds are very constant. The video judder is caused by camera/internet technology.

Direct link to our publication on use of high percentage Ionic
Liquids in Counter Current Chromatography, click on picture.

Or click this link. to read our review of Ionic Liquid-Counter Current Chromotography / Centrifugal Partition Chromotograhy research in Topics in Current Chemistry.

New Book Chapters / Patents & Publications to follow.

Why HPLC users etc need our Quattro / Partitron HPCCC & HPCPC products...
Novel & New: Coils can be custom made in PTFE, PFA, PEEK, Stainless Steel (S/S) or Titanium. “G” Force can be Standard (S)(80 to 150G), High (H)(250G+) or unique to us, our new Ultra (U) (350G+), (UPCCC™) / (UPL-LC™).

Your Instrument could have coils with, 1, 2, 3 or even 4 different id bores, pressure ability of 1000+ psi, typical “on-column” loadings of 5 to 40 g per 1 litre. You can have both customised volumes & bores.

Unique to us, bores available from 1 mm to 30+ mm id, with flows up to multiple litres/min

IntroPrep™ ~20 to 140 ml. coil id/volume

L-LcMSPrep™ ~20ml to 1mm id bore and ~110 ml/2.1mm id bore, both S/S coils

QuikPrep™ up to ~750 ml, price depending number coils, coil 1d / volume

LabPrep™ up to ~2000ml, price depending number coils, coil 1d / volume

ProcessPrep™ any volume, mutually agreed bore or coil material, 3 to 100’s litres.

ILPrep™ any volume, high pressure Ionic Liquids unit for chromatograhy and extraction.

DualFlow™ any volume for chromatograhy and extraction. Existing usrs can upgrade.
Model Type / Volumes Hydrodynamic Counter-Current Chromatography (CCC / HSCCC / HPCCC / HPL-LC™)

Do you face a challenge with micro, laboratory or process scale of solid-liquid chromatography / extraction or sample preparation? Need more than SPE, Flash, HPLC or HPLC-MS, SFC or SFC-MS, SFE can offer? Contact us now to discuss your hydrodynamic and / or hydrostatic L-LC / CCC / CPC or Ionic Liquid needs.

Is your challenge on-column adsorption or on-column degradation? Are your laboratory / process SPE, Flash Chromatography / HPLC / SFC / SFE phase costs / solvent costs too high? Do you have unexplained loss of bioactivity, be that beneficial or cyto-toxicity? Need to obtain all compounds, from infinity polar / non-polar in one run? Do you wish to prepare Active Product Ingredients (API’s), proteins / peptides / enzymes / chirals / macromolecules such as engine oil additives / polysaccharides / tannins / humic acids or even as yet totally unknown targets / backbone structures?

WE HAVE COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCE OF ALL OF ABOVE (unpublished as carried out confidentially for clients). Please Note: we are independent commercial companies, and are not like several of our competitors, owned/part owned by academic establishments.

We have solved all above application problems for clients with Quattro or Partitron Liquid-Liquid Chromatography / Extraction solutions unique to us. Our just released modular, quieter, Quattro Mk 8, High Performance Liquid-Liquid Chromatography™ / Extraction™ (HPL-LC™/ HPL-LE™) and Partitron HPCPC™ Mk 2 can both work at over 1000 psi, rather 105 psi of historic HSCCC or HPCCC competitors, and function at scales from micro gram right up to your process needs limit. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Please click this link to read our Liquid-Liquid Chromatography / CCC / CPC Review Article

Click on either thumbnail of the Quattro CCC (above) or one of the two Partitron HPCPC brochures (below) to read full brochure content.

Novel & New: Sun rotors can be custom made in Stainless Steel or Titanium (for proteins etc).
Instruments can have, 1 or 2 different id cell (chamber) bores, with pressure abilities of 1000+ psi, with typically “on-column” loadings of 5 to 40 g per 1 litre. HPCPC is ideal for MAB’s, proteins, peptides & enzymes, other organic and inorganic extractions or chromatography purifications.

Unique to us, custom design options for Quattro HPCPC™. You choose cell / chamber bores, available 6 mm to 22+ mm id, chose different chamber id’s, numbers, and volumes on same instrument by mutual agreement. Nobody else offers you the same custom design flexibility.

IntroPrep HPCPC™ Laboratory Instruments. ~100 ml to 1,000ml, Stainless Steel or Titanium rotor, 6 mm bore cell / chambers, other id’s by mutual agreement

QuikPrep HPCPC™ Laboratory or Pilot Plant Instruments. ~100 ml to 4,500ml, Stainless Steel or Titanium rotor. Options of 6 mm or 10 mm bore cell / chambers, other id’s by mutual agreement

ProcessPrep HPCPC™ Process ATEX Design. Stainless Steel or Titanium rotor, with 6,000 to 18,000+ ml modules. Any number 6 litre modules can be used in parallel or for Simulated Moving Bed (SMB).

Partitron HPCPC™ Process ATEX Design. Titanium rotor only, with 25,000+ ml modules. Parallel use multi-25 litre rotor units allows up-to any volume, even to 100’s litres. 22 mm bore chambers.

Partitron HPCPC & Quattro HPCPC both suitable, standard solvents, Ionic Liquid or Liquid CO2 for Pilot or Process Plant SFE, SFC, Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Chromatography.

Model Type / Volumes Hydrostatic CCC, Droplet Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC / HPCPC )
The AECS-QuikPrep’s collaboration with Couturier, brings you both talent and stability. Both Company groups have been trading as same family owned Companies for approximately 30 years.

Since 1983 AECS has been doing contract design research for third party instrument companies. Projects included the design of moving belt HPLC-MS, HPLC-FID and HPLC-MPD detectors; evaporative light scatter detectors; the world's first peltier HPLC column air ovens / chillers, etc. AECS has also helped an USA based HPLC Column Company create completely new HPLC column / phase product lines. AECS has built numerous prototype instruments for Blue-Chip International Companies.

AECS built our first Quattro CCC™ in the early 1990's, when Smith Kline Beecham were not prepared to purchase the then existing CCC / CPC instrumentation, and placed an open-design Purchase Order with AECS for what became the Quattro CCC™ Mk I. They like many others, before and since, trusted AECS's design expertise, and contracted AECS to build an improved design with regard to both safety and performance. Since then we have designed and built numerous custom Quattro HPL-LC™ for many clients.

Our combined Groups have a million plus Euro turnover. We have in-house both design offices and extremely sophisticated, state of art, large scale, specialist multi axis CNC machining (see slide show)(see in house multi-axis machining of large scale titanium rotor), plus a diversified product and customer base.

We offer our client’s proven, but ever evolving, commercially relevant countercurrent chromatography units. We have over 18 years of worldwide counter-current chromatography commercial trading experience. We sell CCC / HSCCC / HPCCC / HPL-LC™ / CPC / HPCPC from microgram, that are scalable to your process needs. Our very large process scale HPCPC, uniquely has a titanium rotor unit. It is modular, with any number of 25 litre modules available all in one cohesive instrument, the Partitron HPCPC™.

Commercial & Scientific Advantages Compared to Competitors
Scale-up Advantages Compared to Competitors

Modular design, and the use of interchangeable components is common in aerospace, car, electronics etc industry. But only AECS-QuikPrep and Couturier have employed this concept to countercurrent chromatography. We did to ensure success in scale-up..
What is Counter Current Chromatography / Centrifugal Partition Chromatography / High Performance Liquid – Liquid Chromatography™ / High Performance Liquid – Liquid Extraction™ ?

How would they help you?

Please click on this link to read our recent review article on Countercurrent Chromatography

Please click on this link to read our recent review article on the 25 Litre Partritron HPCPC™

Please click on the link Why Use CCC and CCC is Compatible with HPLC to see usage and HPLC comparisons.

Please click underlined for review of our HPLC analytical & process HPLC Columns
Please consider visiting our NEW DEMONSTRATION LABORATORY near Newquay Airport, only 1 hour flight from London Gatwick, and with good connections to many National & International Airports.

Please consider requesting Dr Leslie Brown visiting you to discuss your larger scale process needs.

If you are interested in collaborative research, please suggest a topic. We are particularly interested in high pressure SFE / SFC / SFC-MS / L-LC direct to MS applications, but have a general interest in many subjects from trace to process quantities.

High backpressure, Stainless Steel coiled 18-litre Quattro ProcessPrep™ HPL-LC™ unit start from LESS THAN HALF PRICE of low backpressure PFA coiled (only ~105psi), 18 litre UK competitors’ process HPCCC units? Being modular the process Quattro HPL-LC™ (starting from 3 litres), allow you to start your process chromatography or extraction with at low-cost with one unit. Add capacity only as required. Perfect for Simulated Moving Bed use. Like to have different bobbins sets with different bores / volumes for different requirements or SMB? You can with Quattro Process HPL-LC™, but not with competitors.

New Quattro HPL-LC™ Mk 8 typical sample preparation times are only 20 to 60+ minutes. Solvent usage for same mass injected can be up to 90% less than Flash or HPLC,
and also 40 to 90% often less than many CCC / HSCCC / HPCCC / CPC / HPCPC, from HSCCC / HPCCC competitors.

Our unique modular design means that you can have an instrument custom made to your needs and budget.
Do you need Counter-Current Chromatography Process Scale-up?

Please read below. If not skip to next box.
Partitron & Quattro HPCPC™ ATEX approved, Intrinsically Safe units are worldwide the only HPCPC (High Performance Centrifugal Partition Chromatography) with TITANIUM ROTOR OPTIONS and STOPPED USE OF ANY LEAK-PRONE PTFE SEALS, so suitable steam cleaning. Many of our competitors only have units where their parent academic University / Research Institute shareholders obtained grants for “one-off” builds. We have supplied industrial process units for several years.

The modular Process Compatible, ATEX specification, Quattro HPCPC start at 6 litre modules & ATEX Partitron HPCPC™ range begins at 25 litre units. Scale-up “in-parallel” by use of multiple 6 or 25 litre units easily available. Add capacity with additional modular 6 or 25 litre rotors as & when required.

Or consider our Process HPCPC for Simulated Moving Bed use, standard solvent or IONIC LIQUID solvents or Liquid CO2 use for CHROMATOGRAPHY OR EFFICIENT EXTRACTION.

Do you need Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Process Scale-up?
Consider using Dr Leslie Brown's lifetime of chromatography experience to help you?

Dr Les Brown has extensive commercial experience in laboratory and process HPCCC, HPL-LC™, plus CPC and HPCPC. He has scale-up experience from laboratory to the process Partitron HPCPC™ etc., which will stand you in a highly favoured position, when you move to potentially multiple tonnes per annum GMP production. The Quattro CCC™ / HPL-LC™ / CPC™ & HPCPC™ are respected quality products, with clients throughout the World. Our unique high backpressure capability will facilitate HPLC-MS, SFE, SFC, SFC-MS, Ionic Liquid research / process production by either efficient extraction or chromatography in laboratory + process procedures.
Centrifugal Partition (Hydrostatic CCC) Chromatography

Quattro and Partitron Hydrostatic CCC (CPC) models (historically called high performance centrifugal partition chromatography) offer the options of 6 or 10 mm cell bores in laboratory units, plus 10, 15 or 22 mm cell bores for the 5 to 18+ litre capacity Quattro HPCPC™, or 22m for Partitron HPCPC™. These instruments can be utilised with standard and slow-settling biphasic solvents. Examples of latter: aqueous / aqueous (PEG or Dextran) mixes, and butanol based mixes. Typical applications would be MAB’s, protein, peptide, and enzyme production. To facilitate the above, we offer PTFE or TITANIUM rotors, as competitors’ stainless steel rotors could be unsuitable for certain target, biologically etc active compounds. Custom CPC rotor chamber id’s and volumes, and numbers available.
Counter-Current (Hydrodynamic CCC) Chromatography

All Quattro Hydrodynamic CCC models share the same planet & sun radii, beta values, speed / “G” Force options. We will now guarantee in writing the Quattro scale-up for any given bore, by increase in coil length / volume. In the vast majority of cases predictable scale-up occurs for different bore id’s as well. But rare exceptions occur even when you maintain all key design parameters. Our almost 20 years of experience suggests the more key design parameters you change, more scale-up failures occur, irrespective of constant “G” force. We challenge our HPCCC competitors to dispute this statement. There inability to do so proves the conceptual inferiority of their products, as they foolishly vary all key design parameters, except “G” force.

Uniquely to us, we recognise the importance of proving scale-up with laboratory instruments. We give you lower-cost laboratory scale, Quattro LabPrep™ / ProcessPrep™ units that can be used for full process scale testing at bores up to 30+ mm. No competitor gives you lab-scale units to test process-scale bore id’s etc.

Do you believe competitors’ bias suggestions based on limited published topics? Their instrument designs, ranging from mini-units with cotton-reel sized bobbins rotating at ~2000 rpm & id of 0.8mm, are suggested to behave routine chromatographically the same as maxi-units which you could stand inside rotating at ~800 rpm and ~10 mm id, simply because “G” Force is the same? We do not believe their bias suggestions. We do believe HEMWat solvents have only limited applications, but they misleadingly emphasise HEMWat. They say 90+% their preparations use HEMWat. We say HEMWat biphasic solvents totally useless for most proteins, many peptides, many enzymes, very many natural products / synthetic mixtures.

AECS & ETS Personnel Pics
From the left
Dr Les Brown, MD of AECS-QuikPrep Ltd
Pierre-Henri Garret, MD of Couturier

Please click this link to read our article on the 25 litre, titanium sun rotor, Partitron HPCPC
We are seeking additional specialist EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS

AECS-QuikPrep Ltd has begun a three way collaboration with University of Belfast and UCL, London for EPSRC funded Grant Research into Unique Applications of IONIC LIQUID use in Quattro CCC and CPC.

Quattro HPCPC™ suitable for IONIC LIQUIDS, and LIQUID-CO2 applications such as possibly SFE, SFC, just released.

New Demonstration Only 6 litre ATEX, Partitron HPCPC™ Mk 2 available to view.

New Demonstration 4.5 litre non-ATEX, Quattro PilotPrep Mk 9 Available for demonstrations. Suitable for large scale preparations in standard laboratories.

Highly Specialist Titanium Multi-Dimensional Machining of 25 Litre Rotor which was designed by, and is machined by ourselves
Click on picture
on left for "INTRODUCTION" slide show scientific presentation
Click on picture on left for "Quattro CCC™ WINE Research" slide show scientific presentation
Click on picture on left for "Quattro CCC™ NEEM Research" slide show scientific presentation
Click for General applications slides (extra notes in comments sections)
Click for Glycoside applications slides
Click for Anti-Oxidant Research application slides
Click for comparison Solid-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Chromatography