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Quattro LabPrep CCC & CPC units: 250 to 2000ml total instrument volume. Option multiple volumes per instrument from 30ml. Price range £26,900 to £79,500.

Scaling-Up your application?
Scale-up to multiple tonnes per annum possible.

Pilot & Process Scale CPC Prices

£123,000 Quattro PilotPrep CPC 4.8 litres.

£170,000 Quattro ProcessPrep CPC 12 litres.

£250,000 for 2 x 12 litres (24 litres) & £360,000 for 3 x 12 litres (36 litres). After 1st March 2020 will be £280,000 for 2 x 12 litres & £420,000 for 3 x 12 litres

To the above pricing for scale-up, could be added customised Ancillary Instrumentation to match your needs and budget. We have considerable specification flexibility, and always match our quotes to give you the best value, to as closely match your needs as possible, for your budget.

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AECS-QuikPrep is undoubtedly the World Leaders in Counter-Current, Centrifugal Partition, Liquid-Liquid, Ionic Liquid Chromatography / Extraction.

We manufacture both Hydrodynamic CCC (Planetary CCC, HSCCC, HPCCC, HPL-LC™) and Hydrostatic CCC (Droplet Centrifugal Partition Chromatography, CPC, HPCPC) at scales from 30 ml to 100+ litres. We have units in both research laboratories and process manufacture units throughout the World. We collaborate with Research Institutes / Universities, for both standard solvents and IONIC LIQUID BIPHASIC CCC/CPC EXTRACTION & CHROMATOGRAPHY RESEARCH PROGRAMME

We can custom build both CCC & CPC unit’s specific for your requirements because of our unique modular construction. Options of different CCC bore or CPC cell / chamber sizes, different volumes on the same instrument. We can custom design to accommodate your specific needs, within your budget. Other competitors cannot match our design and build flexibility. Just ask them and us to custom build to your specific needs and budget. We will custom build to match your requirements.

Unique 2D Spiral CCC for UK client
 Unique Dual Flow for USA client               AECS Exhibiting at CCC 2014

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           AECS-QUIKPREP LTD uniquely brings you laboratory and process
    chromatography and extraction at scales from milligrams to tonnes per annum
Save ~50-90% process chromatography/extraction, solvent/column costs
• Ideal HPLC-MS pre-prep; no column induced degradation or adsorption
• Uniquely allows infinitely polar to infinitely non-polar prep in one run
Contract laboratory and process method development services available
Easily scale-up from micro-gram to your tonne plus process scale
• Orthogonal selectivity options compared to HPLC / Flash / SFC
No solubility problems; massive range of solvents available
• IL / SFC / SFC-MS / MS / MS-MS / HPLC / HPLC-MS compatible
High mass loading (typically 5 to 40 g per 1000ml capacity)
Inject up to 10+ % coil volume without excessive band spreading
• High pressure (1000psi+) + high “G” (80-150)(250)(350+) options
• Only manufacturers of both hydrodynamic & hydrostatic CCC
New MULTI-COIL, 2D & 3D DUAL-FLOW CCC/CPC extraction options,

Click to read description of action of HPL-LC™

Quattro HPL-LC™ / HTPrep™ Video
(2 bobbins, 4 coils / 3 coil id’s). Door safety mechanism disabled for this demonstration video. Set spin speeds are very constant. The video judder is caused by camera/internet technology. Instrument video above is a standard, multi-layer, 3D planetary CCC

Click this link to read our review of Ionic Liquid-Counter Current Chromotography / Centrifugal Partition Chromotograhy research in Topics in Current Chemistry.




LabPrep™ Total volume options from 250ml to 2000ml. Options of 2, 3 or 4 coils per instrument. You can choose multiple volume of coils to suit your specific needs. Coils of same id can be utilised in series, to gain resolution or additional mass injected. Coil id options: 1 mm id, 2 mm id, 4.6 mm id. Coil material options: PTFE, PFA, PEEK, Stainless Steel.

LabPrep™ up to ~2000ml, price depending number coils, coil 1d / volume

PilotPrep™ 4.8 litres CCC. Can work in standard laboratory.

Images of Counter Current Chromatograph and Centrifugal Partition Chromatograph, showing CCC & CPC plus ancillaries at AECS-QuikPrep Ltd Demonstration Laboratory


Note: The Quattro PilotPrep CPC shown can process kilos per day, but still be utilised in a standard laboratory.
Model Type / Volumes Hydrodynamic Counter-Current Chromatography (CCC / HSCCC / HPCCC / HPL-LC™)
Images of Counter Current Chromatographs and Centrifugal Partition Chromatographs

The applications on the left side boxes and given in the various slide shows on right side, represent a fraction od AECS's research experience in CCC & CPC.


AECS-QuikPrep Ltd has been conducting fundamental liquid-liquid chromatography research since 1993. We have innovated many fudamental liquid-liquid chromatography instrument designs. Others have copied, but never bettered our designs, or vaguely approach the safety features of our instrumentation. The vast majority of our research has been for confidential research projects, in the main forPharmaceuticall and Agrochemical Companies. Studies for both synthetic and natural products. We have also co-researched with several major International Government Research Laboratories, plus Universities Worlwide .


Please note our experience dates from 1993 in liquid-liquid chromatography instrument design, manufacture and research. This compares very favourably to many of our present competitor CCC and CPC companies, some of which never even existed in their present form a few years ago.  Some are very recent Venture Capital funded start-ups. Others are run by companies that recently purchased failed CPC French competitors. Some competitors sell purified target compound products, that are the equivalent to their clients own products. AECS-QuikPrep Ltd. never does this. Therefore if you need a laboratory, or tonne plus, per annum process method, then come to the experts, AECS-QuikPrep Ltd. No other company comes close to AECS-QuikPrep Ltd's experience in method development, or guarantees never to compete with you on target compound sales.

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Click on thumbnail of the Quattro CCC (above) brochures to read full brochure content.

Novel & New: Sun rotors can be custom made in Stainless Steel or Titanium (for proteins etc).
Instruments can have, 1 or 2 different id cell (chamber) bores, with pressure abilities of 1000+ psi, with typically “on-column” loadings of 5 to 40 g per 1 litre. HPCPC is ideal for MAB’s, proteins, peptides & enzymes, other organic and inorganic extractions or chromatography purifications. AECS’s unique multi-block CPC rotor design offers specification options and tolerance to client induced mistakes causing CPC rotor blockage etc., which means significantly less downtime than any competitor. All Quattro CPC built to ISO 9001.

LabPrep CPC™ Laboratory ~250 ml to 2000 ml, Stainless Steel rotor.

PilotPrep™ 4.8 litres. May be used in standard laboratories worldwide.

ProcessPrep™ any volume up to 100's of litres. Must be used in Intrinsically Safe \ Explosion Proof ATEX 1, in Europe or C1-D1 in the USA or Canada.

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Model Type / Volumes Hydrostatic CCC, Droplet Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC / HPCPC )

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Medicinal Cannabinoid Chromatographs performed on our clients’ samples…...
Scale-up Advantages Compared to Competitors

Modular design, and the use of interchangeable components is common in aerospace, car, electronics etc industry. But only AECS-QuikPrep has employed this concept to countercurrent chromatography. We did to ensure success in scale-up..
Commercial & Scientific Advantages Compared to Competitors

The AECS brings you both talent and stability. AECS has been trading as same family owned Company for approximately 36 years. Since 1983 AECS has been doing contract design research for third party instrument companies. Projects included the design of moving belt HPLC-MS, HPLC-FID and HPLC-MPD detectors; evaporative light scatter detectors; the world's first peltier HPLC column air ovens / chillers, etc. AECS has also helped an USA based HPLC Column Company create completely new HPLC column / phase product lines. AECS has built numerous prototype instruments for Blue-Chip International Companies.

AECS built our first Quattro CCC™ in the early 1990's, when Smith Kline Beecham were not prepared to purchase the then existing CCC / CPC instrumentation, and placed an open-design Purchase Order with AECS for what became the Quattro CCC™ Mk I. They like many others, before and since, trusted AECS's design expertise, and contracted AECS to build an improved design with regard to both safety and performance. Since then we have designed and built numerous custom Quattro HPL-LC™ for many clients. We offer our client’s proven, but ever evolving, commercially relevant CCC / CPC units. We have over 26 years of worldwide LLC commercial trading experience.

Please consider visiting our NEW DEMONSTRATION LABORATORY near Newquay Airport, only 1 hour flight from London Gatwick, and with good connections to many National & International Airports.

Please consider requesting Dr Leslie Brown visiting you to discuss your larger scale process needs.

If you are interested in collaborative research, please suggest a topic. We are particularly interested in high pressure SFE / SFC / SFC-MS / L-LC direct to MS applications, but have a general interest in many subjects from trace to process quantities.


              First Delivery Equipment PilotPrep USA                               Early Stage Install PilotPrep USA.      
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Installation with on-site training in your laboratory for one week included in Retail Price for Quattro PiliotPrep™ and ProcessPrep™. Price includes time and airfares, client provides accommodation and car hire.                     



The modular Process Compatible, ATEX 1 specification in Europe, C1-D1 specification in USA and Canada, Quattro ProcessPrep HPCPC start at 12 litres and go to 100's of litres.

Or consider our Process HPCPC for Simulated Moving Bed use, standard solvent or IONIC LIQUID solvents or Liquid CO2 use for CHROMATOGRAPHY OR EFFICIENT EXTRACTION.

Do you need Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Process Scale-up?
Consider using Dr Leslie Brown's lifetime of chromatography experience to help you?

Dr Les Brown has extensive commercial experience in laboratory and process HPCCC, HPL-LC™, plus CPC and HPCPC. He has scale-up experience from laboratory to the process Quattro HPCPC™ etc., which will stand you in a highly favoured position, when you move to potentially multiple tonnes per annum GMP production. The Quattro CCC™ / HPL-LC™ / CPC™ & HPCPC™ are respected quality products, with clients throughout the World. Our unique high backpressure capability will facilitate HPLC-MS, SFE, SFC, SFC-MS, Ionic Liquid research / process production by either efficient extraction or chromatography in laboratory + process procedures.
Images of Counter Current Chromatographs and Centrifugal Partition Chromatographs



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Dr Leslie Brown, MD of AECS-QuikPrep Ltd
Quattro Process CPC are World Leaders in Purification of MEDICINAL CANNABINOIDS

1) AECS-QUIKPREP LTD continues to co-research Ionic Liquid – CCC and CPC with Queens University Belfast, with novel process instruments due shortly.

2) Multiple Quattro Process CPC installed for MEDICINAL CANNABIOID PURIFICATIONS, both Quattro PilotPrep CPC and multiple installations of Quattro ProcessPrep CPC

3) Most Quattro ProcessPrep CPC installations for MEDICINAL CANNABINOID PROCESSES. MARIJUANA EXTRACTS (only to licensed THC producers) and HEMP PROCESSORS (for CBD and minor cannabinoid purification, and THC removal from broad spectrum Hemp Extracts).

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