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AECS - QuidkPrep


Quattro CCC & CPC units: 140 to 2000mls, price range £16,500 to £55,000

Scaling-Up your application?
Scale-up to multiple tonnes per annum possible.

If your CCC or CPC budget below UK POUNDS:

100,000 Consider PilotPrep, Non-Atex 2 to 4.5 Litre, CCC, or CPC (Ti or S/S rotor)
140,000 Consider multiple PilotPreps, Non-Atex 2 to 4.5 Litre, CCC or CPC
Or consider Atex rated ProcessPrep 6+ Litre CPC (Ti or S/S rotor)
300,000 Consider multiple PilotPreps, Non-Atex 2 to 4.5 L, CCC or CPC Or consider multiple Atex rated ProcessPreps 6+ Litre CPC

500,000 Consider 25 Litre Partitron CPC
1,000,000 Consider 2 x 25 Litre Partitron CPC
1,500,000+ Consider custom made Partitron CPC to your maximum volume

The above pricing for scale-up, could include customised Ancillary Instrumentation to match your needs and budget. We have considerable specification flexibility, and always match our quotes to give you the best value, to as closely match your needs as possible, for your budget.

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AECS-QuikPrep & Couturier are undoubtedly the World Leaders in Counter-Current, Centrifugal Partition, Liquid-Liquid, Ionic Liquid Chromatography / Extraction.

We manufacture both Hydrodynamic CCC (Planetary CCC, HSCCC, HPCCC, HPL-LC™) and Hydrostatic CCC (Droplet Centrifugal Partition Chromatography, CPC, HPCPC) at scales from 30 ml to 100+ litres. We have units in both research laboratories and process manufacture units throughout the World. We collaborate with Research Institutes / Universities, for both standard solvents and IONIC LIQUID BIPHASIC CCC/CPC EXTRACTION & CHROMATOGRAPHY RESEARCH PROGRAMMES.

We can carry out both Contract Preparation and Method Development / Feasibility Studies. Why not contact us to discuss your Laboratory and / or Process needs? Feasibility Studies from £2000/week.

We can custom build both CCC & CPC unit’s specific for your requirements because of our unique modular construction. Options of different CCC bore or CPC cell / chamber sizes, different volumes on the same instrument. We can custom design to accommodate your specific needs, within your budget. Other competitors cannot match our design and build flexibility. Just ask them and us to custom build to your specific needs and budget. We will custom build to match your requirements. It is most likely our competitors will not custom build, and will instead try to sell an existing model that does not exactly match your needs or budget.

Totally committed to helping our countercurrent / Ionic Liquids, Liquid CO2, SFE, SFC, chromatography / extraction clients understand and benefit from HPCCC / HPCPC / HPL-LC™.
Together AECS-QuikPrep (UK) and Couturier (France) bring you World Leading products for
High Performance Liquid-Liquid Chromatography™ at scales from micro-gram to tonnes per annum
First established in 1983 as AECS, we recently renamed to AECS-QuikPrep Ltd. We are after 28+ years of trading, one of the longest established chromatography instrument design and production manufactures in the United Kingdom.

In 2000 to 2002 we reduced production to self-fund research. This enabled us to change from historic CCC / HSCCC / HPCCC to our unique modular design.

In 2008 to 2010 we again reduced production to self-fund a NEW DESIGN UPGRADE TO THE NEW HIGH PRESSURE / HIGH PERFORMANCE MK 7 Quattro HPL-LC™.

Now in collaboration with our partners Couturier we are again undoubtedly the World Leaders in HSCCC / HPCCC / HPL-LC™ / CPC / HPCPC.

Introducing AECS-QuikPrep (UK)(Quattro HPL-LC™) & Couturier (France)(Partitron HPCPC™).
Early 1990's Quattro CCC™ was first ever dynamically balanced, twin bobbin design where up to 4 coils could be used independently or in series (previously were either a single bobbin and counter balance, or three bobbins all connected in series which required unreliable, twist / untwist mechanism for flying leads). We utilised our unique mirror image twin bobbin to balance "G" force and stop the need for twist/de-twist for serially connected coils, greatly reducing flying lead wear. At this time we were the first ever to offer, 4 coils (2 coils per bobbin), plus temperature control (others now copy many of our concepts, without our authority).

Mid 1990's first ever, total containment safety cell for CCC/CPC for rotor with door interlock for enhanced safety.

Late 1990's research with Brunel University, GSK, AstraZeneca, Shell Research, Swansea University to become joint Intellectual Property owners (AECS and Brunel University) of High Performance; High "G" Force units (BBSRC / DTI Link Award ref 100/BCE08803 Feb 98 to Jan 00). Now referred to as HPCCC.

2000 to 2003 First modular liquid - liquid chromatography / extraction unit design where all key design parameters except bore id were kept constant from milligram to tonnes / per annum scale.

2000 to 2003 First modular liquid - liquid chromatography / extraction unit designed for export, with a design specification geared for minimum maintenance, by the use of off-shelf electronics and conceptual design. A key design brief was the unit should be able to be maintained by competent laboratory technician, car repair technician or domestic appliance service engineer. What happens if competitors' units with dedicated soft / hardware fail thousands miles from manufacturer?

2002 to 2003 First design with rotor chamber constantly flushed with single pass flow airflow management in counter current chromatography, to maximise user safety.

Mid 2000's First HTPrep™ unit commissioned by Major Blue Chip Pharmaceutical Company in USA with AECS for high throughput / combinatorial research (see publications). 2010 first high-pressure / high performance liquid-liquid chromatography / extraction unit designed to work at over 1000 psi. Need more information? Please contact us on

Firsts for Quattro CCC™ / Hydrodynamic HPL-LC™
The AECS-QuikPrep’s collaboration with Couturier, brings you both talent and stability. Both Company groups have been trading as single family owned Companies for approximately 30 years.

Since 1983 AECS has been doing research for third party instrument companies, including the design of moving belt HPLC-MS, HPLC-FID and HPLC-MPD detectors; evaporative light scatter detectors; the world's first peltier HPLC column air ovens / chillers, etc. AECS has also helped HPLC Column Companies create completely new HPLC column / phase product lines. These HPLC column / phase products include novel aqueous normal HPLC and Flash Chromatography phases, plus chiral HPLC and Flash / SFC phases.

In addition AECS has built numerous prototype instruments for Blue Chip International Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Companies.

AECS built our first Quattro CCC™ in the early 1990's, when Smith Kline Beecham were not prepared to purchase the then existing CCC instrumentation, which they considered unsafe; and placed an open design Purchase Order with AECS for what became the Quattro CCC™ Mk I. They like many others, before and since, trusted AECS's design expertise, and contracted AECS to build an improved design with regard both safety and performance. Since then we have designed numerous custom Quattro CCC™ and other concepts of instrumentation for many clients.

Our Group has million plus Euro turnover. We have in-house both design offices and extremely sophisticated, state of art, large scale, specialist multi axis CNC machining (see slide show)(see in house multi-axis machining of large scale titanium rotor), plus a diversified product and customer base.

We offer commercial client proven units, with over 17 years of countercurrent chromatography commercial trading. We sell CCC / HSCCC / HPCCC/ HPL-LC™ / CPC / HPCPC from microgram (l-lcMSPrep) scalable to tonnes per annum, with our very large process scale HPCPC, titanium rotor unit, which is available with any number of 25 litre modules, in one cohesive instrument;
the unique Partitron HPCPC™.
Commercial & Scientific Advantages Compared to Competitors
Please consider visiting our NEW DEMONSTRATION LABORATORY near Newquay Airport, only 1 hour flight from London Gatwick, and with good connections to many National & International Airports.

Please consider requesting Dr Leslie Brown visiting you to discuss your larger scale process needs.

If you are interested in collaborative research, please suggest a topic. We are particularly interested in high pressure SFE / SFC / SFC-MS / L-LC direct to MS applications, but have a general interest in many subjects from trace to process quantities.

First CCC or CPC to be manufactured in titanium for protein, peptide, enzyme, chiral process scale production, without fear of target compound degradation induced by contact with machined or "etched" Stainless Steel (S/S) surfaces.

The Partitron HPCPC™ is the only Process-Scale CPC / HPCPC in production not to be based on sandwich layers of machined or "etched" (S/S) plates.

The sandwich plate design has two major problems. Firstly if blockage occurs specialist and expensive repair procedures are required, wasting valuable production time. Secondly the PTFE layers designed to help reduce leakage between S/S layers, have material creep, which over time leads to leaks and reduced operating pressure capability.

The use of stainless steel is not favoured in many process environments as it can favour target degradation. The use of machined and even worse "etched" S/S results in a potentially rough and chemically active surface. It also, especially when "etched" (the case many competitors), results in a surface which when viewed under microscope would have deep valleys and mountains. Such surfaces are always difficult to clean for GMP purposes.

The Partitron HPLCPC, can be uniquely supplied with various configurations of chamber usage plus have multiple modular expansion of 25 litre sun rotor units.

The Partitron HPCPC™ was awarded a special design and business award in Nation-Wide business competition, which encompassed all industries. This was the first such recognition at such a high level, in our industry.

Firsts for Partitron HPCPC™ / Hydrostatic HPL-LC™
Consider using Dr Leslie Brown's lifetime of chromatography experience to help you?

Dr Les Brown has extensive commercial experience in laboratory and process HPCCC, HPL-LC™, plus CPC and HPCPC. He has scale-up experience from laboratory to the process Partitron HPCPC™ etc., which will stand you in a highly favoured position, when you move to potentially multiple tonnes per annum GMP production. The Quattro CCC™ / HPL-LC™ / CPC™ & HPCPC™ are respected quality products, with clients throughout the World. Our unique high backpressure capability will facilitate HPLC-MS, SFE, SFC, SFC-MS, Ionic Liquid research / process production by either efficient extraction or chromatography in laboratory + process procedures.
AECS & Couturier Personnel Pics
Pierre-Henri Garret, MD of Couturier
Dr Les Brown, MD of AECS-QuikPrep Ltd
Your 1st Choice for Preparative and Process Chromatography / Extraction

AECS-QuikPrep Ltd has begun a three way collaboration with University of Belfast and UCL, London for EPSRC funded Grant Research into Unique Applications of IONIC LIQUID use in Quattro CCC and CPC.

Quattro HPCPC™ suitable for IONIC LIQUIDS, SFE, SFC and LIQUID-CO2 just released.

New Demonstration Only 6 litre ATEX, Partitron HPCPC™ Mk 2 available to view.

New Demonstration 4.5 litre non-ATEX, Quattro PilotPrep Mk 9 Available for demonstrations. Suitable for large scale preparations in standard laboratories.

The AECS-QuikPrep Ltd, Managing Director, Dr Leslie Brown (1st photograph) is still a practising chromatographer. He has been involved in countercurrent chromatography instrumentation design and generic methodology development for counter current / liquid-liquid chromatography / extraction since the early 1990's. Les still enjoys working in the laboratory on challenging research, either for contract chromatography method development projects, or custom purification of known targets and unknown bio-actives, from natural products and synthetic research projects. Les & others at AECS / Couturier personally visit clients worldwide to train researchers in CCC or CPC or HPLC generic method development strategies.

Les willingly assists in supporting research grant application. In the late 1990’s AECS supported and co-authored 2 successful CCC Grant applications with Brunel University. AECS has assisted and co-authored two successful grants in 2010’s, the approximately 4 million Euro LegumePlus Marie Currie grant, and more recently an Ionic Liquid-Liquid Chromatography research grant with Queens University Belfast (QUILL). Les has co-published CCC papers with researchers in UK, France, Brasil, and China.

Mr Pierre-Henri Garret (2nd photograph) is the Managing Director of Couturier, France, and with his father Pierre Garret, oversaw the original design and engineering of the Partitron HPCPC™. Couturier is one of the most respected specialist titanium machinists and product designers in France. Their CNC manufacturing facilities (See automatic slide show presentation), plus their proven design skills are used Worldwide in the power, aerospace and car etc. industries.