AECS - QuidkPrep
    Quattro’s enable Instrumental Liquid-Liquid,Preparative Chromatography and Extraction.. 
      Mass Scales:- Laboratory Scale of Milligrams, up to Industrial Scale of Tonnes Per Annum

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-Why you need CPC / CCC
-Link to Publication on use of Ionic Liquid Based CPC / CCC Eluents
-Overview of Pricing
-Medicinal cannabinoid purification
-We uniquely design, build and sell CPC (sun centrifuge) and CCC (planetary centrifuge)
-Detailed options for Laboratory and Pilot Scale Quattro CCC
-Process Quattro CPC installations
-Multiple Tonne plus per annum processing option
-Real world medicinal cannabinoid extract purification chromatographs
-AECS-QuikPrep method development support
-AECS-QuikPrep process scale up advantages over competitors
-Real world applications (not idealised chromatographs)
-Application Lentinan (triple helix polysaccharide) using Ionic Liquid Biphasic Eluents.

Quattro Science
-Important Slide Show to help you understand Liquid-Liquid Chromatography (CPC / CCC)

- Liquid-Liquid Chromatography / CCC /CPC Review Aricle

- Introduction, History, Principles & Advantages of CCC
- Introducing application of Quattro CCC™ use in NEEM Research, Structures of 7 highly complex tetranortriterpenoids in NEEM sought as targets
- Introducing application Quattro CCC™ use in Wine Research, Preliminary choice of biphasic solvent, Structures of complex, native, anthocyanins
- Important examples of isocratic, linear gradient, plus step gradient use utilising Quattro CCC™
- Application for bioactive phenylpropanoid & iridoid glycosides
- Application for bioactive pyridine derivatives
- A discussion comparing AECS's Flash Chromatography, HPLC and L-LC products, when should you use which alternative?


- Listing of Publications

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